The Walk

The day is good for a start:
Skin pleasing motionless air…
I’ll put my horse to the cart,
And walk with her to Times Square.

She’s downstairs already,
Hooves stomping blatantly. Though
She’s good obedient lady
Just warming up for the show.

You, don’t blow your horns.
Don’t waste your nerves in despair.
Forget your ammo and scorns.
Let’s play this simple and fair.

Your horses under the hood
Come as a glorious merit.
Mine has been sweating for good
Just for a bunch of a carrot.

I’m not a lunatic bozo.
I present no real danger.
I am a chess virtuoso
With a respectable major.

I just disdain freaking oil
The Middle East is supplying.
So, I’ll sustain this turmoil.
You see, I’m actually trying.