Macaroni Factory

Oh, my precious, beloved, highly prized corporation!
You’re producing important and great merchandise.
Everything you create is a piece of sensation.
People buy it at any ridiculous price.
We are highly professional bunch of workhorses,
We are fearless warriors, knights, if you please.
We are skilled, motivated, incredible forces.
We are picking awards like a mongrel its fleas.

I would proudly say: we are forming the town.
This is something we value. We’ll not bring it down.

Oh, my precious, beloved, highly prized corporation!
No one wants to leave after grueling shift.
We abolished weekends, holidays and vacations,
Glass of milk every day as a management’s gift.
Fancy spruces are planted on all territory,
Front is trimmed with carnelian, marble, and gold.
No wonder we’re fully inflated with glory,
We are spreading it widely around the world.

Our influence here is perfectly clear:
Township population was tripled last year.

Oh, my precious, beloved, highly prized corporation!
For the rest of the world we are standard. At least.
Jealous Russians and Brits cannot hide a frustration.
Aussies too as we’re sending supplies to the East.
Macaroni, Bigoli, Spaghetti, Linguine…
We will feed the entire unfortunate Earth
Satisfaction and comfort efficiently bringing
To the people in need, for whatever it’s worth.

Angels heavenly cry, energized and excited.
Paradise is secured. We are invited.